Regional Symposium For Food Policy Groups 2017

Food Policy and Food Charter organizations from across Eastern Ontario will have a chance to hear from one another, voice challenges and share successes. This session builds on a similar session held in 2016, and will provide an opportunity for groups to hear more about specific initiatives underway in eastern Ontario.

The keynote address will be provided by Sustain Ontario, a provincial organization that supports food policy work across the province. Learn about their resources to support your organization and their knowledge of the best practices of food policy and charter work in communities.

To make this experience informative and very practical, we are inviting each group / community / network to present an accomplishment or success story regarding an aspect of food policy work that they have focused on. You may wish to include your key learnings in completing the work, together with any recommendations for those that may be planning to undertake a similar project. Please include the title of your accomplishment or success story on the registration form so that it can be included in the day’s agenda. In addition, if you would like feedback on a challenge or question that you are dealing with, whether it’s related to a developed program or one that is just starting, you are welcome to share that as well, to get input from other groups.

Each group will have approximately 20 minutes to share their success, their challenge, and invite questions or feedback from the participants.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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