Joli Manson

Joli Manson


Joli’s career in food began during her undergraduate degree at University of Toronto. To support her education she worked preparing mis en place for cook and author Lucy Waverman.

When life brought Joli to Kingston she followed her personal food path to be one of the original chefs at Chez Piggy. This experience led to the opening of Kingston’s first gourmet take out and then the opening of Reuben’s and Botticelli Restaurant which was recommended from its inception by “Where to Eat in Canada.”

Joli has been a proponent of non additive, organic and local foods prepared simply and elegantly long before it was fashionable. On a farm north of Kingston Joli and her husband raise organic, grass fed Highland cattle, garlic and vegetables.

The next stage of Joli’s career saw her managing St Lawrence College Kingston Campus food services and from there a position as Director of Purchasing for Brown’s Fine Food Services.

In 2006 Joli gathered interested students and with the assistance of Hospitality Services began the Farmer’s Market @ Queen’s.

Joli has extensive experience in the food service industry, as well as a wealth of experience as a teacher, producer and entrepreneur. Her life has been dedicated to the production, preparation and service of exceptional food.

In her present role as General Manager of Hospitality Services at Queen’s University the profile of food on campus has been elevated and recognition for the Dining program at Queen’s has been continent wide.

Joli has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto.