Joshua Biemond

Joshua Biemond


A second generation Organic farmer.

At the age of 18 I got married to my high school sweetheart. In order to support her though university I got a job on a conventional dairy farm where I learned how different the two ways of farming really are from each other. Growing up on an Organic farm I didn’t know any other method of farming. After two years on this conventional farm I learned the reasons why my dad farmed the way he did. After my wife finished her degree we joined my parents on the farm in 2005.

Seeing the differences between the two ways of farming I began to pursue more Organic training and found a group of farmers in the USA that were studying the work of Dr. Carrey Reams. Reams teaches that disease comes from either a deficiency or toxicity of minerals in the soil. You are what you eat. If the soil is sick the people are sick. This training put me on the quest of producing nutrient rich food in a way that nobody else is talking about.

Shortly after, I started seeing that all my hard work was paying off in the crops and reduced our vet bill on the farm to zero.

We have been in the Organic milk market since 1996 and our dream on the farm has been to build a bridge from the FARM to the FRIDGE. The distance has been growing too far apart in the last 35 years. People need to know what they are eating.

In 2011 my brother and his wife joined the farm which allowed us to take it to where we are today – the proud owners of our own dairy processing plant – completing our farm to fridge dream. To be able to make a high quality product on-farm that can go straight into the fridge for all those around us is our ‘local food hero moment.’