Kara Enright

Kara Enright


Kara Enright was raised on her family farm located just outside of Tweed, Ontario. She graduated with both a diploma in Agriculture and a degree in Animal Science from the University of Guelph.  She then accepted a position with Shur-Gain as a beef nutritionist for five years. While at Shur-Gain, Kara married her high school sweetheart, Darold Enright. They decided to purchase a farm a couple concessions south of her family’s.  A couple years later, she and Darold started a family with the birth of their first son Corben, who is now five and their daughter Evelyn who is now 6 months.

On their farm, Enright Cattle Company, Kara and Darold raise purebred red and black Simmental cattle. The cattle are taken to weaning weight, bunk started and then moved to Langevin Farms, her parents’ operation, where they are then raised to finished weight. Langevin Farms supplies finished cattle on a weekly basis to a local family owned and operated abattoir. The abattoir dry-ages the carcasses and then cuts and packages each muscle, and the end product is direct marketed to restaurants in Toronto, Ottawa, Belleville, Prince Edward County and Kingston.

The two farms and abattoir together form a value chain supplying a high-quality beef product under the Enright Cattle Company brand. To support their strategy, the three partners have recently implemented a full traceability system that allows them to electronically track all the major events in the life of each animal, as well as carcass characteristics and the final destination of each muscle. This provides the partners with detailed production information to make better on-farm decisions, as well as an accurate, quick recall mechanism if this were ever needed.

In addition to working the farm, marketing, making deliveries and building the Enright brand, Kara is very involved in promoting Canadian beef. She is a director of the Hastings County Cattlemen’s Association and has also served on the board of the Canadian Simmental Association and the Ontario Simmental Association. And if any more evidence were needed that Kara truly represents today’s modern farmer, ask her about the time she jumped into a beaver pond to retrieve one of her most essential pieces of equipment – her Blackberry!